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This research is arranged in a randomized block design (RBD) consisting of two factors and three replications. The first factor is biofertilizer with three levels, i.e., H0=without biofertilizer; H1= dose of 4 ml/plant; H2= dose of 8 ml/plant. The second factor is alkali supplement fertilizer with three levels, i.e., P0=without alkali supplement fertilizers; P1= dose of 0,05 gr/plant; P2= dose of 0,1 gr/plant. The results showed that the growth variable did not have a significant interaction effect between biofertilizer and alkali supplement fertilizer. Meanwhile, in production variables, there are interaction effects between the application of biofertilizers and alkali supplement fertilizer in variables of number of flowers, number of fruit consumption, and fruit weight per plant. The biofertilizer application with a dose of 8 ml/plant accompanied by alkali supplement fertilizers dose of 0,1 gr/plant resulted in the highest fruit weight, 436.70 grams/plant. The biofertilizer application of 8 ml/plant produced 402.12 grams/plant3, while the application of alkali supplement fertilizer with a dose of 0,1 gr/plant produce chili production of 400.51 grams/plant.</em></p> Devi Puspita Amartha - Yahya ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 1 14 10.35450/jip.v10i01.270 FILSAFAT MATEMATIKA: KEDUDUKAN, PERAN, DAN PERSEPEKTIF PERMASALAHAN DALAM PEMBELAJARAN MATEMATIKA <p class="keywords"><span class="ts-alignment-element"><em><span lang="EN">This research aims</span></em></span><em><span lang="EN"> <span class="ts-alignment-element">to</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">provide</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">a</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">detailed</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">study</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">philosophy</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematics,</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">relation</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">philosophy</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematics</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">with</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">learning,</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">and</span><span class="ts-alignment-element">uncover</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">problems</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">in</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">study</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematics</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">from</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">perspective</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematical</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">philosophy.</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">The</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">research</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">method</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">used</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">is</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">a</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">qualitative</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">research</span><span class="ts-alignment-element">method</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">with</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">a</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">review</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">literature</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">approach</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">to</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">surveying</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">several</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">articles</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">about</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematical</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">philosophy</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">and</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">problems</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">in</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematics</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">learning.</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">Based</span><span class="ts-alignment-element">on</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">research results, it can be concluded that the philosophy of mathematics is a reflection of the science of mathematics itself and</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">affirms</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span><span class="ts-alignment-element">meaning</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">truth</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">in</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematics.</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">The</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">scope</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">in</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">philosophy</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematics</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">can</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">be</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">categorized</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">into</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">four</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">branches</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">science,</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">namely</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematical</span><span class="ts-alignment-element">epistemology,</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematical</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">ontology,</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematical</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">methodology,</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">and</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematical</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">logic.</span> T<span class="ts-alignment-element">he</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">implementation</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">learning</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">consisting</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">inputs,</span><span class="ts-alignment-element">processes,</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">and</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">outputs</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">cannot</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">be</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">separated</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">from</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">role</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">and</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">position</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematical</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">philosophy.</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">Obstacles</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">in</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">performance</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">education</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">can</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">be</span><span class="ts-alignment-element">caused</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">by</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">unconnected</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">part</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">the</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">philosophy</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">of</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">mathematics</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">in</span> the <span class="ts-alignment-element">learning</span> <span class="ts-alignment-element">process.</span></span></em></p> Yosua Damas Sadewo Pebria Dheni Purnasari Suyitno Muslim ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 15 28 10.35450/jip.v10i01.269 APLIKASI KITOSAN SEBAGAI ANTIMIKROBA PADA CANGKANG KAPSUL BERBASIS KARAGENAN DARI RUMPUT LAUT Eucheuma cottonii <p>The capsule shell is one of the edible film applications in the pharmaceutical field. As a packaging material, the capsule shell must have antimicrobial properties in order to protect the material being wrapped against fungi and bacteria. In this study, a study was conducted on the effect of chitosan addition in the manufacture of hard capsule shells from carrageenan seaweed Eucheuma cottonii on antimicrobial properties. Carrageenan weight of 2 grams, Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) 0.05 grams, and gelatinization temperature at 95<sup>o</sup>C with variations in the addition of chitosan, namely 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10%. From the variations that exist, the best capsule shells are found in the addition of chitosan by 10% with a moisture content value of 14.2%, disintegration time 13.35 minutes, a total plate value value of 9 x 10<sup>3</sup> cfu / ml, and a yeast mold value of 0.5.</p> Muhammad Ryan Nurshodiq ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 29 38 10.35450/jip.v10i01.229 PENGARUH DOSIS PUPUK KANDANG AYAM DAN APLIKASI PUPUK HAYATI TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN PRODUKSI TANAMAN MELON (Cucumis melo L.) <p>Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh pemberian dosis pupuk kandang ayam dan aplikasi pupuk hayati <em>Grikulan Plus </em>pada pertumbuhan dan produksi tanaman melon. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di Desa Sukabanjar, Kecamatan Gedong Tataan, Kabupaten Pesawaran pada Oktober 2019 - Desember 2019. Penelitian menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK) yang disusun secara faktorial (5x2) dengan tiga kelompok. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pupuk kandang ayam 20 ton/ha mampu meningkatkan&nbsp; pertumbuhan produksi yang ditunjukkan oleh panjang tanaman, rerata jumlah cabang utama, jumlah bunga betina per sampel, diameter buah, rata-rata bobot buah tanaman, bobot buah per tanaman, dan tingkat kemanisan (°<em>Brix</em>). Pemberian pupuk hayati <em>Grikulan Plus </em>memberikan hasil terbaik dengan dosis 20 ml/ L dibandingkan tanpa pemberian pada rerata jumlah cabang utama dan diameter buah. Produksi melon tertinggi diperoleh pada dosis pupuk kandang ayam 20ton/ha jika disertai aplikasi pupuk hayati 20 ml/L.</p> Olifvia Shafira Hs ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 39 50 10.35450/jip.v10i01.238 ANALISIS PENGARUH KRISIS PANDEMI COVID-19 TERHADAP FINANCIAL DISTRESS “(Studi Empiris pada Perusahaan Transportasi yang Terdaftar di BEI Periode 2019 kuartal 2 dan 2020 Kuartal 2)” <p><em>This study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the level of financial distress and to predict whether there was bankruptcy in the transportation sector companies listed on the Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) before and during the COVID-19 pandemic using the Altman Z-Score analysis. The sample in this study amounted to 39 companies in the transportation sector with an observation year 2019 quarter 2 and 2020 quarter 2. The analytical tool used in this study is the Wilcoxon Rank Test different test.the results showed that during the covid-19 pandemic the Z-Score value of transportation companies decreased, seen from the average Z-Score value before the covid-19 pandemic, which was 3,2220, which decreased compared to the time of the covid-19 pandemic to 1,0992. there is a significant difference in the level of financial distress which is going in a negative direction due to a decline in the financial performance of transportation companies in the second quarter of 2020 after the covid-19 pandemic.</em></p> Aditiya Agung Saputra ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 51 66 10.35450/jip.v10i01.285 BAGAIMANAKAH PEREKONOMIAN ANTAR KABUPATEN/KOTA DI PROVINSI LAMPUNG, KONVERGEN ATAU DIVERGEN ? <p><em>The Convergence Hypothesis is still an interesting topic by looking at whether between regions are reaching the point of convergence or divergence in economic activity, the farther apart or the economic gap between regions is getting smaller. The analysis tool with multiple linear regression uses the Fixed Effect model approach, this study uses the per capita GRDP variable in the research year and the previous year. The secondary data is in the form of panel data with 15 districts and cities and the 2015-2019 research time series. The results of the study explain that there has been an absolute convergence process, this is marked by a negative and significant coefficient, an indication of the speed of reducing the economic gap by 4.8%, the time required in a process of reducing the gap from the initial gap is 14.17 years between 15 districts and cities in Lampung Province 2015-2019.</em></p> Ahmad Dhea Pratama I Wayan Suparta Arivina Ratih YT ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 67 80 10.35450/jip.v10i01.259 KINERJA PENGELOLAAN PERSAMPAHAN DI KOTA PEKANBARU <p>The development of urban areas accompanied by an increase in population has triggered development problems, including the waste problem. This paper aims to describe the performance of solid waste management in Pekanbaru City in terms of 5 (five) aspects, namely: operational technical, institutional, financing, community participation and regulation. This study uses a descriptive qualitative approach with data collection techniques in-depth interviews, documentation studies and observations. Data analysis was carried out by reducing data, analyzing data, presenting data and drawing conclusions. The results of this study found that the performance of solid waste management in Pekanbaru City is still not optimal. Some of the problems faced are: limited Human Resources (HR) and waste infrastructure, low public awareness and participation, weak local regulations enforcement and socialization related to regulations and waste handling mechanisms that are not yet optimal. This study recommends several things, namely: equipping infrastructure and human resources, implementing service transformation, improving Information and Education Communication (IEC), optimizing monitoring and evaluation and enforcement of sanctions, evaluating cooperation with third parties.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Afriyanni Afriyanni Kemala Hayati Nugraheni Restu Kusumaningrum Khairul Amri ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 81 94 10.35450/jip.v10i01.281 ANALISIS DATA CURAH HUJAN SEBAGAI PENYEBAB BANJIR DI GEDONGTATAAN, LAMPUNG <p><em>Flood occurs almost every year in Gedongtataan which inundation depth can reach 1.5 meters and submerges some villages in Gedongtataan. The flood causes negative effects such as health problems, road congestion, and material damage. The flood that has been occured was caused by high rainfall. The study had objective to analyze rainfall as a factor causing floods in Gedongtataan. The study used simple analysis for the rainfall pattern and Gumbel method to analyze the frequency of maximum rainfall. The study resulted in that high rainfall occured in January, February, and December. The maximum daily rainfall in Gedongtataan reached 118 mm/day and maximum daily rainfall can be 155 mm/day for 100 years return period from Gumbel method. The high rainfall intensity and also lack capacity of drainages and inability of other flood control in flowing runoff has caused flood in Gedongtataan.&nbsp; </em></p> Anna Mariana Situngkir ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-04-01 2022-04-01 10 01 95 108 10.35450/jip.v10i01.277